Winter in New Zealand or: The Struggle is real

New Zealand I apologise to say this but: At the moment, I don’t really like you that much . Excuse my German, as you know we are blunt and straightforward but today is the day I can’t hold back with this anymore. You are showing me one of your most evil sides: Your Winter.

Right now I’m dreaming of bright and warm Summer days as they happen on the Northern Hemisphere right now – but no, I’m finding myself in the cold reality: 9 C in the morning when I get up, peeling myself out of a duvet, a blanket and my sleeping bag on top to see my own breath in the air. To avoid confusion: Don’t worry, I don’t sleep in a tent, no, I’m still in our 2 floor townhouse in Grafton, in Auckland. But hell yes, the struggle is real. Central heating and insulation are really a thing – I just realised.
And things which are simply missing here (at least in the older houses).

I’m actually ok with the outside temperature – as everybody loves to tell me that I’m German and  I’m supposed to be used to these temperatures (euhm, NO, I’m not used to it and I will never be). This is not the point but having the same inside and outside temperature – that is something that makes me struggle. Who knows me well knows that I’m super sensitive to cold, that I don’t like winter AT ALL and that my comfort temperature is around 22C and anything below is for me a reason to put on long sleeves and coats. Yes, for real. Have you ever wondered why I never go on a winter holiday but always prefer the ocean, tropics and warm climate ? Well now you know. Why should I put myself into conditions which I absolutely dislike ? Ah you see 🙂 Oh and I’m totally fine if you might call me a Frostbeule. 


Today is Friday, 14th of July, I used to celebrate this summer day in Paris with friends, enjoying the sun with a picnic and the fireworks – oh oui, souvenirs, souvenirs, oh la la  – at the Eiffel Tower most of the times – but not today. I’m sitting in our office in Ponsonby, wrapped up with a thick scarf and lots of tea.
And I also caught a cold. You are wondering why I am at work then ? Oh I tell you something: The office at least is heated and cosy so it is actually better for my health to be at work than back home in our freezing house.

Apparently we are lucky in Auckland as the winter is far more severe in other parts of the North Island and in the South: Roads and main highways in the central North Island are closed due to snow and ice and it’s even unknown when some of them will open again.
Wellington was hit hard by storms and floods so there are power cuts and road closures as well. Oh and on the South Island people are caught in snow as it snowed around 50cm in only 24hrs – on top of the heaps of snow from the last weeks – and apparently the Kiwis are not prepared for that.

On the number 1 of first class journalism news site (I hope you get the subtle irony here) (by the way I’m working for the media company the website belongs to) can be found different articles about it and apparently is the worst winter weather they had in 16 years.
Yes Baby, it is could outside (and the inside temperate is equal as you can reckon):–hundreds-trying-to-survive-at-mt-ruapehu

So I’m wondering what a good strategy for hibernating is here. The best is probably wearing a lot of layers, drinking loads of hot tea and other warm drinks – Denise, I think now I have the perfect conditions to make the Gluehwein with the spices you sent me – keep yourself warm and try to avoid any sick people to prevent sickness.

I came across an interesting article about the winter in New Zealand and especially in Auckland. So it all depends whether you have an anticyclon or cyclon – first brings warm and sunny weather during the daytime and also some chill during night time. So it can be nice during the daytime, sunny and warm +13C in the shadow. Under the sun which is very aggressive here in New Zealand (there is no ozone layer above the country) it might be +18C so you have take care and apply sunscreen and wear glasses especially if you plan go for a walk longer than 30 minutes!

But then there are the cold nights where the temperature drops around +7C in the evening then and during night it drops to +4C.  Here we are right now :-/ 
Cyclons bring thaw and increase temperature up to more comfortable +19C during the day and +12C during night but they also bring wet and rainy weather. This is actually what we had here for weeks: Rain. Rain. And rain. And wind. You can’t even use your umbrella – not even the amazing Blunt umbrella, designed and made in New Zealand exactly for these special weather conditions here – because you’ll risk either being blown away or getting your umbrella destroyed.

And every year during autumn and winter there are lots of floods and landslides in New Zealand because of downpours and rainfalls. But: It happens then very often that we have amazing and beautiful rainbows in the sky, I haven’t seen so many rainbows in my life then since I’m here and for me they are always a little bit of magic in the sky and a reminder that after rain comes sun again – always appreciate the little things 🙂
I think that actually Blunt and LesMills are the greatest innovations made in New Zealand – but that’s another story.

So if you ask me what is better the cyclon or anti-cyclon I can only say:
Let’s skip this shit and head straight to Spring ^_^  

Winter, step on Lego !

Anyway, I will survive and in the meantime I’m looking forward to my trips to Rarotonga, Cook Islands, the Philippines and Hong kong, starting at the 19th of August woop woop.

#traveldoestheheartgood #catchingthesun

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