Cameron Highlands: Amazing people, a great hike, hanging out at the bonfire and sleepless nights

01.02. – 05.02.2016

I write this post about the Cameron Highlands in English as I dedicate this to this bunch of happy awesome people I met here.  There is no need to write pages.
It’s simply all about the people .

I arrived on Monday by bus from KL and luckily I met Francesca, an Italian girl in the bus. So we exchanged our contacts and kept in touch. On Tuesday I met her and seven other people for a great jungle trail. We spent around two hours in the jungle before arriving on the top of Gunung Brinchang. Then we went the way down , we were passing a strawberry farm where we picked our own strawberries, had a break with strawberry juices and shakes. Then we passed the tea plantations: these views are awesome. Back to Brinchang we were lucky: a guy with a pick-up took us with him back to Tanah Rata. 9 people on a pick-up. But it was definitely better then to walk all this way after we already did 18 km this day.

The pictures speak for themselves:

We were all starving and headed to one of the Indian restaurants to recharge the batteries. Later I joined the others at their bonfire at De Native Guesthouse for a partying, sleepless night. So I exclude the hangover day and the rainy weather from the other days here because this was not that important.

Francesca, Rita, Ricky, Jonas, Daniel, Lea, Camille, Luke, Ema and Caroline I had an amazing time with you and I don’t want to imagine this week without you. And of course a special thanks goes to Krishnan from De Native Guesthouse, such a good person, a wonderful host and so  caring about his guests. I will consider the offer to volunteer at your place one day.  And Franky of course. I just wanna to say thank you.

And Charlotte and Stefan who joined me in my dorm in my guesthouse, it was so nice to meet you and to share dinner and good talks.

To sum it up: my week was awesome ! Great jungle trail, hanging out at the bonfire in the evenings, sharing Indian and Malaysian food, having beers and rhum & coke, two sleepless nights and loads of fun.
I’m happy to continue traveling to Penang with Rita, Ema and Ricky to celebrate Ricky’s birthday and Chinese New Year.

For all the others: Safe and happy travels, stay as you are and take care.
And as Jonas would say: You always meet twice in life – so hopefully I will see you again somewhere  in some time.
Irgendwie – Irgendwo – Irgendwann.
Sampai Jumpa ! Xx

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